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Halloween Camp 2016

Date: November 3, 2016 Author: Admin Categories: Events, General, News

This year, we will be running a special Halloween themed camp for children on from the week of 1st  -4th November (mid-term break.)

“In partnership with the adult, children will develop and nurture their sense of wonder and awe”- Aistear: Well-being, Aim 3, learning Goal 3.

Children who are currently in our School Age Club, Junior & Senior Pre-school or Junior & Senior Montessori are always included in the camp activities as part of their routine. We have limited space for others and if you would like to attend the Halloween Camp, please contact the main office on 051 353 913.

The schedule for Activities is as follows:

Monday 31st
Bank Holiday

Tuesday 1st

What makes me happy… Looking at our emotions – role play and taking ideas from our new Well Being Books. Dancing, drumming, self-expression of what makes us happy, expressing how we feel through art, textiles and sensorial play.

Wednesday 2nd

What makes me healthy… Looking at our menu and the good food we eat, making healthy snacks, understanding that it’s okay to have a treat! Water Wednesday – how much water is in our body, in our food, in our rinks, in the air, in the world…

Thursday 3rd

What makes me grow… Lots of games, Fundamental Movement and free play, following children’s choices for child-initiated play and activities as they are in charge today! Measuring how tall we are, checking how big our footprints are and how small the babies footprints are.

Friday 4th

Celebrating me… Checking our hand prints, finger prints, the colour of our hair, the languages we speak, etc. We’ll take some photos & video – mini ‘interviews’ – listening to what makes us special. Fancy dress disco!

Please remember…Wear play clothes suited to the activities listed & bring in a spare set of labelled clothes. The activities’ schedule may vary from playroom to playroom.