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Senior Montessori

Date: November 20, 2012 Author: Admin Categories: Playrooms

In our bright and airy new Montessori room, we enjoy an action-packed morning, using the Montessori materials with baking, gardening, messy play and science built into our busy schedule each week. Tying in with Aistear and Siolta, our curriculum covers all areas of a child’s development, while remaining faithful to the traditional Montessori approach.

An example of one learning theme is “The Five Senses”, where we explored sandpaper art, smell bottles, messy play with jelly & ice, planting bulbs and baking a chocolate cake. This stimulates the the child’s senses and enhances their relationship with the world around them.

Come and visit us in the yellow room to join in the fun!

As well as their meals, a typical week in Senior Montessori involves these activities:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Welcome & children’s choice e.g. home corner Welcome & children’s choice  e.g.  reading in our soft corner Welcome & children’s choice e.g.   play with farm Welcome & children’s choice e.g.   jigsaws Welcome & children’s choice e.g.   number block stacking and sorting
Themed circle time e.g.   life cycle of an apple tree Themed circle time e.g.  apple story & star surprise Themed circle time e.g.  Apple variety chart and apple tasting Themed circle time e.g.  10 red apples story & game Themed circle time e.g.  preparation for baking
Montessori one-on-one e.g. touch boards Montessori one-on-one e.g. insets for design Montessori one-on-one e.g. cylinder blocks Montessori one-on-one e.g. smell bottles Montessori one-on-one e.g. colour wheel
Outdoor play e.g. collecting for our nature table Outdoor play e.g. examining our apple tree with magnifying glasses Outdoor play e.g. baking mud pie apple tarts Outdoor play e.g. swings & slides Outdoor play e.g. muddy corner loose materials
Apple stamper painting Cutting strips of apple printed paper Apple collage; seeds onto an apple Apple pie playdough with cinnamon Making Gruffalo crumble to with our owl ice-cream
Wrap up & home time Wrap up & home time Wrap up & home time Wrap up & home time Wrap up & home time