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School Age Club

Date: November 20, 2012 Author: Admin Categories: Playrooms

When you’ve made that important trip to big school you’re welcome to join us daily after school is out. We love to hear the news of day and how school was. We are so different to school. We’re here to unwind, chill out, and have fun—indoors, outdoors—most of our games and play comes from great suggestions gathered at our daily ‘get together’. With enough energy made and saved we get the most out of Music, Drama, Fundamental Movement & Modern Dance. Ideas and data are always in free flow. We rise to the challenges of our Green School’s Committee—trash for cash and all that jazz—A green flag is our aim & working together is our game!

By dinner time we are always starving and Ellen’s hearty dinners hit the spot. Sometimes we cook our own dinners. Our home grown spuds made the best chips ever! Come and visit anytime…

As well as dinner, a typical week in the School Age Club looks like this:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Welcome & changing out of our uniform Welcome & changing out of our uniform Welcome & changing out of our uniform Welcome & changing out of our uniform Welcome & changing out of our uniform
Building our train terminal Making pasta necklaces & skipping ropes Building towers from recyclables Peg & geometric shapes boards Ice hockey table/climbing wall
Homework & project work (our flag theme) Homework & project work Homework & project work Homework & project work Free play fun Friday!
Our get together e.g. chat about the weekend Our get together e.g. planning Halloween Our get together e.g. Checking out Jamaica on the globe Our get together e.g. “we’ve got the whole world…” Our get together e.g. plans for the weekend
Music & Drama Chocolate fountain & fruit Fundamental Movement Yoga Buds. Storyboards & Bingo Modern Dance
Outdoor play e.g. soccer Outdoor play e.g. swings Outdoor play e.g. obstacle course Outdoor play e.g. catch Outdoor play e.g. skipping play
Wrap up e.g. Silence game. Home time Wrap up e.g. Checked on our wormery Wrap up e.g. feed Maureen (fish) Wrap up e.g. shared clean up routine Wrap up e.g. tidy garden