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Junior Montessori

Date: November 20, 2012 Author: Admin Categories: Playrooms

Welcome to Junior Montessori. In our bright and colourful room you can spend all morning playing. We have shelves bursting with fun things to explore. Our practical life materials gives each child the opportunity learn encouraging independence, helping with motor-skills, developing concentration & also hand-eye co-ordination. Working on these skills will bring out great confidence prepare the children for all kinds of exciting tasks ahead!

We look out onto our flower beds and playground where we run about, play ball, park cars and dig for ages in the sand. The slide is there too and sometimes we whiz down our fire fighter’s pole! When we’re finished racing about we can chill out and chat.

As well as their meals, a typical week in Junior Montessori involves these activities:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Welcome & children’s choice e.g. blocks & lego Welcome & children’s choice  e.g. manipulative bead frames Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  dolls & teddies Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  kitchen corner Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  form boards
Themed circle time e.g.  hello song Themed circle time e.g. nursery rhymes Themed circle time e.g.  action songs Themed circle time e.g. body parts Themed circle time e.g. parachute games
Small group time Montessori e.g. spooning & pouring, pegboards Small group time Montessori e.g. nuts and bolts, picture lotto Small group time Montessori e.g. peg baskets, matching pairs Small group time Montessori e.g. matching socks, twister Small group time Montessori e.g. counting & sorting teddy bears
Free play, Arts & crafts, Stories e.g.  about my family Free play, Arts & crafts, Stories e.g. our family tree Free play, Arts & crafts, Stories e.g.   mammies and daddies Free play, Arts & crafts, Stories e.g.   hand prints Free play, Arts & crafts, Stories e.g.   There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
Wrap up & home time Wrap up & home time Wrap up & home time Wrap up & home time Wrap up & home time