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Senior Toddlers

Date: November 20, 2012 Author: Admin Categories: Playrooms

We like to sing and dance and play our music very loud so that everyone can hear us! We like the fun in our red kitchen cooking great breakfasts and dinners. When we feel like having quiet time we play with our puzzles, have a rest on our sofa, read books from our library. We venture out daily to play racing, catch and chase. We love everyone’s news at circle time and love to laugh and we all make sure we’re having a smashing day.

As well as their meals and naps, a typical week in Senior Toddlers involves these activities:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  Our fab wooden animals Welcome & children’s choice e.g. Feeding Nemo Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  Make a cake with stickle bricks Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  drawing our families with crayons Welcome & children’s choice e.g. all systems go in our fire station!
Themed circle time e.g. fun with number puppies Themed circle time e.g. little Hoot feels ill Themed circle time e.g. I spy song Themed circle time e.g. our favourite nursery rhymes Themed circle time e.g.  what day is it? what’s the weather like?
Small group time e.g.  messy painting Small group time e.g.   using our scissors Small group time e.g.   making dinner with playdough Small group time e.g.   baking treats Small group time e.g.   out for a stroll
Free play e.g.  Emergency services puzzles Free play e.g.   making money Free play e.g.   themed arts and crafts Free play e.g. Choo! Choo! Make a train track Free play e.g. Who wants to dress up?
Large group games e.g.  up and down with our parachute Large group games e.g.   building towers with big lego Large group games e.g.   Ready! Steady! Go! in the garden Large group games e.g.  Hokey Cokey Large group games e.g.   driving cars car on our outdoor track
Wrap up e.g.   The tiger who came to tea Wrap up e.g.   threading beads making necklaces Wrap up e.g.  put dollies to bed Wrap up e.g.  wash the cars in the car wash Wrap up e.g. looking at our Family Wall