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Junior Toddlers

Date: November 20, 2012 Author: Admin Categories: Playrooms

We have a bright colourful playroom opening on to our garden. Our toys and equipment are just right for inside and outside play. To keep things interesting and new we rotate our resources.

Although Wide Eye sits on our shelves he flies down with Little Hoot and all his friends from the Natterjack forest to join us throughout the day. Puppets and pretend play appeal to the fascination of the growing inquisitive minds of our Junior Toddlers. If you want to get messy our place is the place to be! Squeeze paint through closed hands, fill flower pots with compost, sieve sand in our colander, wobble jelly in our sink… Whatever the challenge we’re ready to take it and make it our own.

As well as their meals and naps, a typical week in Senior Babies involves these activities:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Welcome & children’s choice e.g. draw pictures Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  bring in the animals Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  vroom! vroom! Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  block work Welcome & children’s choice e.g. transport form boards
Themed circle time e.g.  Wide Eye & Little Hoot Themed circle time e.g.  themed flashcards Themed circle time e.g.  song about the sun Themed circle time e.g.  colours & shapes Themed circle time e.g. Handa’s Surprise!
Small group time e.g. Digging for worms Small group time e.g.  making banana biscuits Small group time e.g.  exploring play dough Small group time e.g.  collecting leaves Small group time e.g.  glorious gloop
Free play e.g.  dancing to action songs Free play e.g.  Buntús stepping stones Free play e.g.  musical instruments & a sing-song Free play e.g.  ready! Steady! Go! Free play e.g.  hop-along, crawl and walk the plank
Large group games e.g. Dip in the duck! Large group games e.g.  ‘hands on’ painting Large group games e.g.  scooping & filling lentils/ sand/compost Large group games e.g. roll the ball Large group games e.g.  row your boat
Wrap up e.g.  Toddle waddle Wrap up e.g.  bean bags ‘n’ books Wrap up e.g.  3D jigsaws Wrap up e.g. Alphabet CD Wrap up e.g. 10 little puppies