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Senior Pre-School

Date: November 20, 2012 Author: Admin Categories: Playrooms

Our room is flooded with light and rotating interest areas to capture the ongoing curiosity of the growing minds of all who enter our room. Everyday we love to share news with parents and family. Being part of the community is of great importance to us and we arrange visits to our centre or we visit places and people of interests—either way we’re happy—the library is big news at the moment! We love learning new stuff and finding our all about everything all by our selves! Play, learn and explore while we share, chat and giggle!

As well as their meals and naps, a typical week in Senior Pre-School involves these activities:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Welcome & children’s choice e.g. Get ready for breakfast Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  Dollies up and dressed Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  Hidden towers Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  16 small frogs Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  Key Island
Themed circle time e.g.  Silence game Themed circle time e.g.  Who’s in that tree? Themed circle time e.g.  Rhymes & song Themed circle time e.g.  The state of the weather! Themed circle time e.g.  talking about me: hygiene
Montessori practical work e.g. mirror polishing Montessori practical work e.g. jam jars & lids Montessori practical work e.g. pasta pouring Montessori practical work e.g. sponging water Montessori practical work e.g. tongs & marbles
Chime blocks Brush & rake the garden Stickle bricks Pass the Teddy Garden gazebo games
Down, down, down, yellow & brown! Leaf & bark rubbings What did you see from the car window? Baking apple crumble Leaves are falling shindig
Muddy Muddle Sowing seeds Water fountain Traffic Alert! Relay runs
Wrap up e.g. Georgie Grub story Wrap up e.g. Character jigsaws Wrap up e.g. Instruments sounds Wrap up e.g. ABCs Wrap up e.g. create with calming colours