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Junior Pre-School

Date: November 20, 2012 Author: Admin Categories: Playrooms

Fun and learning are the two important aspects to this room. Learning and play are guided by weekly themes, for example Apple, Trees or My Family. Children are introduced to Montessori work in this room, with daily sessions with a Montessori teacher.

Other activities include story-time, circle-time, outside play and table top work. In line with Aistear guidelines, this room puts a priority on developing the child’s exploring, thinking and communication skills, as well as his/hers ense of well-being, identity and belonging.

We love to play with all of our friends and learn new things in this room!

As well as their meals, a typical week in Junior Pre-School involves activities like these:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  Scented playdough Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  Card sharks Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  connect & disconnect Welcome & children’s choice e.g.  blackboard doodles Welcome & children’s choice e.g.   Cars & garages
Measure me “I’m 15 apples tall!” Weighing & balancing bits of bark Raking & sorting leaves Build a bird breakfast feeder & make edible birds nests Tree science
Swishy scarves and sound waves Messy Gorgeous gloop! Fancy dress & role play Moulding magic moon dust Hide & seek
Montessori practical work e.g. pegs in baskets Montessori practical work e.g. spooning rice Montessori practical work e.g. matching pictures Montessori practical work e.g. sorting marbles and stones Montessori practical work e.g. hole puncher & paper
Create a Family Tree Baking berry bread Making cherry blossom trees Musical chairs Modern Dance
Outdoor Sludge sponge baking Planting bulbs Puddle pools Twigs and stone collections Climb & slide
Wrap up e.g. I spy Wrap up e.g. Musical chairs Wrap up e.g. Swirls of colour Wrap up e.g. Parachute palaver Wrap up e.g. The Gruffalo