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Senior Babies

Date: November 20, 2012 Author: Admin Categories: Playrooms

Our older babies take the biggest step of their little lives when moving to Senior Babies. Our new room, new staff, new games, new challenges are all explored in a gentle and encouraging way. Soon everyone is busy checking out all our nooks and crannies! Wait until you see outside… Leaves falling from our shrubs are eagerly inspected, a tooting horn from a big lorry whizzing by outside on the road is acknowledged with waves and giggles through our fence. Sand is dug and scattered, mud pies are made (and sometimes eaten!) and bubbles blow to the four winds. Worms better watch out—sometimes they look good enough to eat!!! Back indoors it’s warm and snug and our velvety soft cushions are waiting for a snuggle and a story.

As well as their meals and naps, a typical week in Senior Babies involves these activities:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Welcome & children’s choice e.g. Building blocks as tall as me Welcome & children’s choice e.g. Down on the Farm Welcome & children’s choice e.g. Teddies for Breakfast Welcome & children’s choice e.g. Drumming to a beat Welcome & children’s choice e.g. Peek-a-boo in our Circus Tent
Themed circle time e.g. wheels on the bus and all the actions! Themed circle time e.g. name the animal/ give us a sound! Themed circle time e.g. rainbow colours Themed circle time e.g. counting, 1, 2, 3 Themed circle time e.g. Jack & the Beanstalk
Small group time e.g. bath the dollies Small group time e.g. messy paint play Small group time e.g. colouring water, pouring & filling Small group time e.g. stretch and grow Small group time e.g. tactile touch: making rice krispie buns
Free play e.g. go catch colours Free play e.g. chalking, magnetic boards and doodling Free play e.g. sand/rice & lentils—you choose the mix! Free play e.g. run through the willow tunnel Free play e.g. heads, shoulders knees & toes…
Large group games e.g. let’s shop Large group games e.g. ‘dig the dirt’—you choose sand or compost Large group games e.g. clean up/wash up Large group games e.g. run and catch through the willow tunnel Large group games e.g. pretend picnic
Wrap up e.g. Checking our emotion faces Wrap up e.g. Chat about the day Wrap up e.g. ‘snoozy snoozers’ Wrap up e.g. Relax to gentle sounds Wrap up e.g. ‘ring a rosey’