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What’s In The Kitchen?

Date: May 6, 2012 Author: Admin Categories: General

As part of the high standard of care provided at Waterford Childcare Centre we promote positive food habits where eating and drinking as part of nutritionally focused meals and snacks are developed and enhanced with professional guidance and controls with input from all concerned.

As we know, what children eat is important for healthy growth and development and how they eat is important for setting up healthy attitudes towards eating and avoiding food behaviour problems. Eating together helps provide opportunities to socialise and learn about each other. Children learn about health and hygiene, basic nutrition, food preparation and serving, different tastes and textures, and the food and traditions of a variety of cultures. In addition to eating home cooked meals prepared by our experienced and qualified chef and kitchen team, children have opportunities to make and bake as well.

At Waterford Childcare Centre be assured that your child has:

  • Healthy, nutritious food inclusive of all essential food groups
  • A chef, staff and management who promote healthy food and positive eating behaviour to your child
  • A daily menu on display with menus prepared and updated every 4 weeks (menus available for parents)
  • Special dietary requirements catered for, where possible
  • An enjoyable and sociable eating and drinking experience
  • The opportunity to learn about food and his/her own health
  • Staff who will talk with you about the food that your child has while in our care
  • Food provided in a safe and hygienic manner in line with HACCP regulations


By choosing our centre for your child you have a responsibility to:

  • Follow our guidelines about food and dietary requirements
  • Talk with staff and management about your child’s needs and update us with any changes required
  • Ask your child’s senior childcare staff or management for help if you have any problems
  • Adhere to our food safety guidance if bringing food/drink onto our premises for use by your child and/or others

Most of all we remember that kids who eat well are happier, healthier and more active!